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Nano origin

Nano-origin’found is a fortuitous opportunity. In 1985, Robert curle and Richard smalley of rice university in the United States and khaled kroto of the university of Sussex in the United Kingdom discovered carbon globular structures (carbon 60, which is said to be 0.7nm in diameter). This discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry by the royal Swedish academy of sciences in 1996.

Application and development of nanotechnology

Nanometer thin films
Nano motor
Nano drug
Nano electronic

As an interdisciplinary subject, the nano-materials and nano-technology involves many fields of atomic physics, condensed matter physics, collochemistry, solid chemistry, coordination chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical reaction mechanics, surface science and interface science etc. The development of nanomaterials will certainly push the science of physics and chemistry to a new level.

The research on nanomaterials has been continuously expanding. The first phase mainly focuses on nanoparticles, such as nanocrystals, nanophases and nano amorphous as well as the thin films and blocks composed of them. In the second phase of nanometer materials research object and involve the nanowire, nanotube, microporous and mesoporous materials, including gel and aerogel. For example, by aerogel porosity is higher than 90% and the aperture size is nanoscale, the nanostructures as Mosaic, provides assembling nanoparticles with three-dimensional space. The advent of nanotubes provides a new opportunity for the synthesis and assembly of nanomaterials

The company's independent technical research and development team, after years of unremitting research, created this unique chemical formula table.

Nano-technology is a new technology developed rapidly in the early 1990s. Its ultimate goal is to make products with specific functions by directly manipulating individual atoms and molecules according to our own consciousness.Nano-technology reveals a visible world of atoms and molecules with unprecedented resolution.This shows that human beings are moving deeper into the micro world, and the level of understanding and transforming the micro world has been raised to an unprecedented level.

The concept of sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all....